Battery Jump Starting Volvo Trucks VN, VHD

Can't Start Your Volvo Truck VN or VHD?

If you are driving a Volvo VN or VHD Truck and you cannot start your truck because the batteries are drained or dead, there are a series of steps and some technical information that you should be aware of before attempting to jump-start your Volvo truck.


  • Before working on your Volvo truck, set the parking brakes, place the transmission in neutral, and block the wheels. Failure to do so can result in unexpected vehicle movement and can cause serious personal injury or death.
  • Do not use a "Hot Shot" type starting cart, as most use extremely high voltages. The use of the "Hot Shot" device to jump-start the vehicle will seriously damage the ECU's and other electrical equipment.
  • Do not attempt to jump-start a vehicle equipped with Delco Maintenance Free batteries, if the test indicator light is yellow. Replace the battery instead.
  • Always wear eye protection when working around batteries to prevent the risk of injury due to contact with sulfuric acid or an explosion (If contacted with sulfuric acid, flush immediately with water and get medical attention).
  • Batteries may contain explosive gases. To help minimize the risks of explosion, avoid sparks or openflames near batteries. Do not smoke when servicing batteries.

The Jump Start Procedure For Your Volvo VN or VHD Truck

If your Volvo VN or VHD truck needs to be jump-started, use starting batteries. DO NOT use battery chargers with "boosting" capability. These utilize a high voltage that will cause damage to the truck's electrical and electronic components.

Volvo VHD & VN Jump Start Procedure

When jumping batteries to start an engine, it is important that the jumper cables are connected directly from one set of batteries in one vehicle to the other set of batteries in the other vehicle. This is so the cranking current is carried through the proper starter wiring.

To access the batteries on a vehicle equipped with side fairings, open the fairing access cover. "Jumper Studs", which are longer and made of brass, are factory installed on one battery positive and negative post. These jumper studs are designed to accept the jumper cable claws.

Volvo VN or VHD Jump Start Procedure

Connect the jumper cables to the positive, or "hot" terminal first and the ground terminal last. When disconnecting the cables, disconnect the ground terminal first. Connect the jumper cable clamps to the discharged battery first and to the booster battery last. Avoid creating sparks by making all connections quickly and firmly. Do not permit the vehicles to touch each other when jumpstarting.