Chevrolet Blazer Battery Type Chart

Chevrolet Blazer Battery Chart: Group Size, Battery Type, CCA

Extreme temperatures, such as the cold of winter and the heat of summer, can impact the performance of your vehicle battery. That’s why it’s important to take proper care to maximize the life of your battery.

What You’ll Learn

In this section, we will explain the best practices for battery maintenance, what to avoid to extend the life of your battery, and what to look for when choosing a new battery for your vehicle.

Chevrolet Blazer Battery "Do's and Don'ts"

Below are several tips to help extend the life of your car battery and help keep you safe when working on it. If you’re uncomfortable doing the work yourself, you can always call Sparky Express for car battery boost and testing or battery replacement.

NOTE: These tips only apply to traditional, under-the-hood batteries and DO NOT apply to electric or hybrid battery systems.

Chevrolet Blazer Battery, Do:

  • Refer to your owner’s manual to locate the vehicle’s battery access.
  • Keep your vehicle battery and case clean. Dirt and deposits can prematurely corrode the battery terminals.
  • Check the cables to make sure they are firmly attached to the vehicle battery terminals
  • Always disconnect your battery’s negative cable first and reattach it last
  • Charge auto batteries in a well-ventilated area. Charging a vehicle battery releases highly flammable hydrogen.
  • Keep open flames and flammable materials away from the battery at all times
  • Handle auto batteries carefully. A cracked case could spill harmful chemicals that could cause severe burns and blindness.
  • Follow state and local regulations when you dispose of your vehicle battery

Chevrolet Blazer Battery Don’t:

  • Wear jewelry when working with an auto battery
  • Lean over an auto battery
  • Guess the type/size of battery needed for your vehicle
  • Attempt to charge a frozen vehicle battery. This may cause the battery to explode.
  • Disconnect a battery’s cables while your vehicle is running

How to Choose the Right Battery for your Chevrolet Blazer

There are several things to consider when choosing a battery for your Chevrolet Blazer. First, make sure that the battery you select is the right size and has the appropriate amount of power for your vehicle. You'll also want to consider the brand of battery and ask the supplier how long the battery has sat on the supplier’s shelf.

Chevrolet Blazer Battery Chart

Year / Model


Battery Type

Battery Group Size


2020 Blazer - All





2019 Blazer - All





2005 Blazer - All All AGM*, Flooded** 75 525
2004 Blazer - All All AGM*, Flooded** 75 525
2003 Blazer - All All AGM*, Flooded** 75 525
2002 Blazer - All All AGM*, Flooded** 75 525
2001 Blazer - All All AGM*, Flooded** 75 525
2000 Blazer - All All AGM*, Flooded** 75 525

* Technology: AGM Vehicle Battery

  • An AGM or Absorbent Glass Mat Battery is recommended for this vehicle. AGM batteries are precision engineered to offer the ultimate combination of reliability, durability and safety.
  • Extreme climate conditions can be detrimental to battery performance and life. AGM batteries are built to resist corrosion from heat providing longer battery life and delivering superior starting power in cold weather.
  • Electrical accessories take a toll on standard batteries, AGM batteries provide superior electrical performance and recharge quickly after powering the vehicles electronics.
  • AGM batteries meet the electrical demands for Start-Stop vehicles. Provides superior vibration resistance and resists deterioration from poor road conditions.
  • Certified NON-SPILLABLE design provides the safest solution available, and can be mounted in virtually any position.

** Technology: Flooded Vehicle Battery

  • Starting, Lighting and Ignition (SLI) or standard flooded battery is an optional fit for this vehicle.
  • Standard flooded batteries provide excellent starting power and reliability in all climates.
  • Flooded batteries are maintenance free for maximum convenience.
  • Provide consistent power over the life of the battery.