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Ford F150 Wheel Lug Nut Torque Settings

What is the wheel lug nut torque setting for Ford F150?

When installing a wheel on your Ford F150, you must torque the lug nuts to the manufacturer's recommended lug nut torque per your Ford F150 Owner's Manual, as the torque differs by year. Based on various online sources, we have found the following wheel nut setting for Ford F150. However, Ford has made many models and sub-models of this vehicle every year, so we stress the importance of checking your Ford F150 owner's manual when torquing your Ford F150's wheel nuts.

Ford F150 Lug Nut Torque Settings

F-150 4WD / 235/75R15 1984 - 2000 100 ft-lbs
F-150 - 14MM STUD 17"BASE / W/14MM NUT 2000 - 2008 150 ft-lbs
F-150 5LUG - 14MM STUD 16" OPT / HERITAGE 2004 - 2004 150 ft-lbs
F-150 - ALL 18"BASE / ALL CABS 2008 - 2021 150 ft-lbs
F-150 SVT - 12MM STUD 2 DOOR / LIGHTNING 1999 - 2000 100 ft-lbs
F-150 SVT - 14MM STUD LIGHTNG. / W/14MM NUT 2000 - 2004 150 ft-lbs
F-150/7700 - 12MM STUD 2WD / 7700SERIES 2000 - 2003 100 ft-lbs
F-150/7-LUG - 14MM STUD 2WD / HERITAGE 2004 - 2007 150 ft-lbs

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