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Learn About Toyota Hybrid Cars In Canada

In their belief that there is only one electrified solution that fits all people and all of their mobility needs, Toyota has continuously invested in in a range of electrified technologies that all use electricity to move the vehicle. Today, they offer Canadians three different types of electrified vehicles.

Symbol for Toyota's Hybrid Electric Vehicle

The Toyota Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV)

HEVs combine gas engines with electric motors to generate electricity as you drive, which also means they never need to be plugged in to charge the battery. Toyota Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs) combine gas engines with electric motors to generate electricity as you drive. While your vehicle is in motion, Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive seamlessly, and automatically, chooses the optimal source and blend of motive power.

Starting Your Toyota HEV Vehicle

In most conditions, only the electric motor is engaged, saving fuel and delivering instant torque with minimal emissions.

Decelerating And Braking A Toyota HEV Vehicle

The electric motor takes over. The regenerative braking system converts braking energy into electric energy to help recharge the battery onboard the vehicle.

Accelerating And Cruising In A Toyota HEV Vehicle

The gas engine and electric motor team up to provide the ideal mix of power for seamless acceleration. Excess energy is used to help recharge the battery.

Toyota HEV Vehicle, Resting And Reversing

When stopped, the gas engine shuts down to conserve fuel – unless the battery is running low. When reversing at low speed, only the electric motor is required.

The Toyota HEV Lineup:

Toyota Corolla Hybrid

Toyota Corolla Hybrid: Available with a hybrid electric powertrain, Toyota Corolla Hybrid blends a spirited ride with outstanding fuel efficiency, and equipped with our latest multimedia and safety technology. Explore Toyota Corolla HEV.

Toyota Camry Hybrid

Toyota Camry Hybrid: The Toyota Camry Hybrid transforms the hybrid electric experience into an emotional drive with zero compromise, every time you get behind the wheel. Explore Toyota Camry HEV.

Toyota RAV4 HEV

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid: The Toyota RAV4 Hybrid offers more horsepower. Greater fuel efficiency. And more models to choose from — from off-road ready to exceptionally sporty and refined. Explore Toyota RAV4 HEV.

Toyota Highlander HEV

Toyota Highlander Hybrid: The Toyota Highlander Hybrid HEV offers offers exceptional levels of safety, performance and fun to turn every family outing into an adventure. Choose seating for 7 or 8. Explore Toyota Highlander HEV.

Toyota Prius Hybrid HEV

Toyota Prius Hybrid: The hybrid electric that started it all is better than ever. Combining a sporty design, responsive handling, excellent fuel efficiency, and high levels of safety, Prius is available in four well-equipped models, including two with an advanced all-wheel-drive system. Ideal for life in Canada. Explore Toyota Prius Hybrid HEV.

Toyota Venza Hybrid HEV

Toyota Venza Hybrid: The all-new, all-hybrid Venza takes the 2-row crossover SUV in a whole new direction, bringing a stylish design, upscale interior, and cutting-edge connectivity to the mix. Made even more dynamic with refined driving performance, impressive fuel efficiency, and lowered emissions, courtesy of its 219 HP hybrid-electric powertrain. Explore Toyota Venza Hybrid HEV.

Toyota Sienna Hybrid HEV

Toyota Sienna Hybrid: The all-new, all-hybrid Sienna let’s you live life to the fullest. The next-level cabin has abundant space for 7 or 8, set off by premium materials, and loaded with intelligent tech to keep everyone connected and entertained. 243 HP powertrain gets you where you need to go. Hybrid technology gives you class-leading fuel efficiency. While standard AWD lets you take every adventure just a little further. Coming soon. Explore Toyota Sienna Hybrid HEV.

Symbol for Plug-In Hybrid-Electric-Vehicle

The Toyota Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV)

Toyota plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) operate much the same way as regular Toyota hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs). However, they can also be optionally plugged in to charge the battery - enabling you to extend your electric-only driving range. RAV4 Prime and Prius Prime are great examples of PHEV technology.

The Prius Prime

Prius Prime lets you go the distance with extended electric-only range1, all while elevating your peace of mind with standard Toyota Safety Sense 2.0, and keeping you connected to your life on the go with features like Connected Services by Toyota. Explore Prius Prime Hybrid PHEV.

Prius Prime Hybrid PHEV

Prius Prime Hybrid PHEV Main Features

  • Commute up to 40 km in EV Mode alone
  • Reach a top speed of 135 km/h in EV Mode
  • Travel up to 1,035 km between fill-ups with a full tank and fully charged battery
  • 5 hr 30 minutes charge time with a standard 120v household outlet.

Easy Is Easily Recharging.

Prius Prime offers one of the fastest charging times in its class. Plus, you don’t need to purchase any special equipment to charge it.

The Toyota RAV4 Prime

The most powerful and efficient RAV4 yet - Prime boasts 302 horsepower, 0-100 km/h capability in 6 seconds, and the ability to travel up to 68 km on electric power alone – along with standard AWD. Explore Toyota RAV4 Prime Hybrid PHEV.

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid PHEV

RAV4 Prime Hybrid PHEV Main Features

  • Commute up to 68 km in EV Mode alone
  • Reach a top speed of up to 135 km/h in EV Mode
  • 2 hr 30 minutes charge time with a 240v / 32A outlet.
Symbol for Toyota's Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV)

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV)

FCEVs use hydrogen as an energy source in conjunction with electric motors, emitting water as the only by-product from the tailpipe.

Toyota FCEV Models: Toyota Mirai

Mirai is the first mass production hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle. Powered by hydrogen, it enables you to enjoy silent, responsive, long distance, zero CO2 emissions driving - while only emitting water from the tailpipe. Explore Toyota Mirai FCEVToyota Mirai

Toyota Mirai FCEV Main Features

  • Commute up to 68 km in EV Mode alone
  • Zero CO2 emissions.
  • 5 mins Hydrogen fuelling time.
  • 151 HP 247 LB. FT. torque.
  • 500 KM driving range.
  • -30°C cold starting rating

How Does It Work?

You fuel up with hydrogen in the same way you would a gas-powered vehicle. The hydrogen is stored in carbon fibre, high-impact resistant tanks. When the vehicle is fuelled with hydrogen, and combined with oxygen from outside the vehicle, the chemical reaction that occurs generates electricity. What’s more, energy is captured every time you hit the brakes, conserving power and creating even better efficiency.

As of September 2020, based on the information collected from Toyota Canada website, Hydrogen Fuelling Stations are only available in Quebec and British Columbia, see this page for more details.