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Changing Your Seasonal Tires At Home, DIY

Ready to install the winter or summer tires on your car? If you are planning to change your seasonal tires at home by yourself, you need to know a thing or two before you start, so your DIY project that you've been planning doesn't become a nightmare. If you're not sure about something, call a professional Seasonal Tire Change Service to come and install your seasonal tires at home. Warm up! First of all, WARM UP! Seriously... warm up as you were starting a workout at the gym. Your back and legs will hurt and you will be stiff for a while, as you will be up and down, lifting wheels, floor jacks, and you will be at times in very...

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There's A Bubble In My Tire! What Should I Do?

What is a tire sidewall bubble? A sidewall bubble is a bulge (lump) popping from the sidewall of the tire. It could be caused by air leaking from the inside of the tire into the or body (carcass) of your tire. What causes a tire sidewall bubble? The vast majority of bubbles are caused by impact damage. If your tire hits a sharp object in the road, the force from the weight and speed of the vehicle is focused in the small area of contact. This causes the tire to compress in that area enough that the inside of the sidewall is pinched and damaged causing a small hole in the inside tire liner layer. The impact can also damage the sidewall cords and...

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Winter Tire Change At Home In Toronto

The Winter Tire Change At Home is available to customers in Toronto, Ontario Stay at home and have your winter tires installed on your car! During the Winter Tire Change Season 2020, we will provide our seasonal tire change at home service in Toronto.  If you live in the Toronto (Ontario) area, and your winter tires are on-rim, ready to be installed on your vehicle, skip the line and stay at home while we will install your winter tires right on your driveway or underground parking lot at your condo! The cost for our "Winter Tire Change At Home Service In Toronto" is only $50! Book an appointment with Sparky Express for the Winter 2020 Seasonal Tire Change, today!

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