What to do during COVID-19 social distancing, Spring 2020

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What to do during COVID-19 social distancing, Spring 2020

Here is a list of things to do during your social distancing time this spring, due to COVID-19. A few suggestions from Sparky Express

COVID-19 Workouts

If you have been a gym enthusiast before the COVID-19 times, you should know there are a variety of workouts you can do by yourself when you are at home. If you haven't hit the gym before COVID-19, and have no idea where to start, you can start following on social media some local gyms who are now closed, however, the personal training coaches are doing live or recorded online bootcamps so you can do your workouts at home. This is a great initiative started by Toronto Boxing Academy and The Cave Boxing & Fitness. Follow them online, on social, and get started with your socially distant workouts.

Catch-up on Netflix, Apple TV & Amazon Prime TV shows & movies, explore new music.

Both Netflix and Amazon Prime have a whole bunch of new movies and updated TV Shows with the latest productions. Now since you have time, it is a great way to distance yourself socially, while enjoying prime entertainment for a very low price. While you are at it, try some new music, from the multiple streaming platforms available out there.


When is the last time you have read a book? Take a look at your shelves, grab a book and start reading. It is good for you, and it is very entertaining. You can also do it online, reading digital books.


Get a new recipe and start stirring that stew. Cooking is fun, relaxing and the results could be very yummy! There are a whole lot of sites with free recipes, and if you haven't cooked before, it is never too late. 

Spring Cleaning

Clean up your house, garage, attic, backyard, get rid of hoarded stuff. Cleaning is also a good exercise, and having a clean house is also good for staying healthy, which seems to be the main trend these days. The weather is getting better, it is a good time to get rid of all that unwanted stuff and clean your house properly.

Missing Your Friends?

With so many apps, social networks and smartphone or desktop features, it is easy to stay in touch, even party, but with everyone at their own place. Throw a digital party with Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Google, WhatsApp, and all the other apps that allow you to do so! Have a few drinks, smoke some weed, have a good time... from the distance!

Have a mobile tire service change your winter tires while you do all of the above!

Don't feel like leaving the house to change your winter tires with your summer tires at a busy location? Skip the line, the COVID-19 exposure and stay comfortable at home, social distancing, while we change your winter tires with your summer tires, right on your driveway! Don't worry, we are wearing level 3 masks, latex gloves and a big bottle of hand sanitizer that runs out pretty quick. The season for tire change has already begun, and we haven't changed our prices, all discounts are still available. Do your seasonal tire change this spring without leaving your home, with Sparky Express