Hyundai to Switch to Tesla NACS

Hyundai is reportedly exploring the possibility of utilizing Tesla's NACS technology.

According to Teslarati, Hyundai Motor Company, a car manufacturer based in South Korea, is contemplating the production of electric vehicles that can be charged using Tesla's North America Charging Standard (NACS).

This move comes after Ford and General Motors, two of the top car manufacturers in the United States, announced their plans to incorporate Tesla NACS into their upcoming battery electric vehicle designs.

Hyundai President Jaehoon Chang revealed at the 2023 CEO Investor Day in Seoul, South Korea, that the company is considering switching to Tesla NACS, but it is still evaluating if it would benefit their customers. The use of Tesla NACS by these legacy automakers has generated positive feedback for Tesla's charging port design.

Hyundai's concern is that their electric vehicles might charge faster at other charging stations than at Tesla Supercharger stalls. Reuters noted that Hyundai's Ionic 5 and other electric cars use an 800-volt electrical architecture, while Tesla Supercharger stalls operate at a lower voltage resulting in slower charging times. Hyundai plans to consult with Tesla to see if their vehicles can charge faster at Supercharger stations.

Hyundai aims to become a smart mobility solution provider, with a focus on autonomous driving, hydrogen, robotics, and advanced air mobility (AAM). To achieve this goal, the company plans to invest KRW KRW 109.4 trillion ($85 billion) over the next decade. This investment is part of the Hyundai Motor Way strategy, which aims to transition the company into an electric vehicle manufacturer. Of the total investment, KRW 35.8 trillion ($27 billion) will go towards electrification efforts.

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