Jacking and Lifting a Tesla Model S

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How to Jack and Lift a Tesla Model S, Instructions

Before you start jacking and lifting a Tesla, know that these vehicles have very narrow and specific jacking points and that you will need specialized rubber pads to lift the car off the ground.

Lifting and jacking a Tesla S, jacking points. Screenshot from Tesla S online owner's manual.

Jacking Procedure

To jack your Tesla S properly, please follow these steps:

    • If your Tesla S is equipped with air suspensions, please ensure that your suspension mode is in Very High to prevent self-leveling, a process that happens even when your vehicle is powered off.
      • Select Controls > Suspension
      • Push the brake pedal, then select Very High to set the suspension to maximum height.
      • Select Controls > Service > Jacking Mode to disable self-leveling.
    • Position the jack pad in the designated jacking points only under the vehicle.
    • Adjust the position of your jack under the jack pads to ensure they are properly centered.
    • Lift the Tesla S vehicle off the ground and follow your jack's or lift system manufacturer's instructions for operating the jack.

    Video: Using Tesla jack pads

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    Please Note

    Warning! The air suspension system automatically self-levels, even when power is off. You MUST disable this system by engaging Jack mode before lifting or jacking. If you do not disable the air suspension, Model S can attempt to self-level, causing serious damage, bodily injury, or death.

    Warning! Never raise Model S when the charging cable is connected, even if charging is not in progress.

    Warning! Do not work on an incorrectly supported vehicle. Doing so can cause serious damage, bodily injury, or death.

    Caution! DO NOT lift from under the battery or side rails. Place the lift arm pads under the designated body lift points only. The locations shown are the only approved lifting points for Model S. Lifting at any other points can cause damage. Damage caused by incorrectly lifting Model S is not covered by the warranty.

    Please Note! Jack Mode automatically cancels when you drive over 4 mph (7 km/h).

    Please Note! Tesla Model S also sets Jack mode automatically if it detects that the vehicle cannot lower to its target height, or if it detects that an object is supporting the vehicle's weight (for example the bumper of the vehicle is resting on a curb).

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