Locked Keys In Car Who To Call

Danny Popent

What to Do If You Lock Your Keys in the Car

If you are not an experienced auto locksmith who has unlocked cars before without a key, we highly recommend calling someone who is qualified to do this job, or explore other options.

Do you have a spare key somewhere?

Try t o remember of if you have a spare key. Maybe the spare key car is in your residence, or maybe someone else has access to you spare key and bring it to you. You might lose some time trying to get that spare key, but compared with the costs of repairs if you have damaged your vehicle's locking system, body or if you break the glass, you will be saving a lo of money. When you have locked the keys in the car, stay calm and try to figure out where that spare key is.

Are you covered by a roadside assistance plan?

Always know if you have any kind of roadside assistance coverage for your car. If you do, simply call your roadside assistance provider and ask for help. Usually, your membership comes with a number of free service calls. So in that case, the company will dispatch someone qualified to unlock your car for free.

Not covered by a roadside assistance plan?

In this case, you might want to make some calls and get prices from independent roadside providers, or towing companies. The service calls for locked keys in car are provided almost by all tow truck drivers or mobile auto locksmiths, so you can get someone to unlock your car safely.

Are children, unresponsive persons, seniors, or pets locked inside the vehicle as well? 

If anyone is locked inside a vehicle and the car doors can't be unlocked, call 911 immediately. Don't take any chances.