Car Battery Cold Weather Issues

Sparky X

Not only does the cold have an impact on people and on pets, but it also can affect homes and vehicles.

Sparky X Roadside Assistance is reminding people to plug in their vehicles for at least 4 hours before they head out. You might want to be prepared prior to going out on the road, so make sure you’re plugging in your vehicle to a battery charger or maintainer. Dead car batteries are one of the top three most frequent issues Sparky Express deals with during the winter and we recommend plugging in vehicles when the mercury drops below -10 degrees. You should also make sure you're getting your battery checked regularly and there are some extra precautions you can take as well. If your vehicle has a battery that’s 3-5 years old make sure you’re getting that checked so it’s running top-notch when you go to start your vehicle in the morning.

These are not the days you want to be breaking down. You want to be prepared. Make sure your fuel is topped up and add some gas line anti-freeze. There are a few other tips the we have for drivers during these cold days. Prior to driving, plug in your vehicle for at least four hours when the outdoor temperature is -10°C or below. Always carry an emergency kit to help ensure your safety in the event of an unexpected breakdown. This should include things like a blanket, warm clothing, caution triangles, a flashlight, gloves, and a folding shovel. Clear off your vehicle thoroughly before leaving to ensure your lines of sight aren’t obstructed by snow or ice. If you have any doubts about your battery’s health, consider alternate transportation until a test is completed or a new battery is installed.

This could save you from being stranded outdoors in extreme temperatures. If your vehicle doesn't have a block heater, switching to synthetic oil will help the engine turn over. Ensure your gas tank is at least half full and consider using gas-line antifreeze. Swapping to winter tires will give you much better traction on snow and ice, reduce your stopping distance, and provide much better control.