Specialized Battery Boost Services

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Specialized Battery Boost Services, A Cheaper Alternative To Towing

If you find yourself behind the wheel of a car that doesn't start, more than likely you are in a "dead car battery situation". Stay calm and try to find someone who knows how to boost your car, but with the new vehicles being built with more and more electronic features, boosting a vehicle is becoming more and more complicated. It is highly recommended that your call a roadside assistance company who has the resources and qualified personnel to jump start your car.

Always check the jump starting procedures in your vehicle's owner's manual!

The latest vehicles have detailed jump starting procedures in the owner's manual, preparation steps, and post jump starting instructions, as there are a series of actions that you have to take so you don't "fry" the circuits or cause other damages to your car or even personal injury. Sometimes it almost feels like you need an engineering degree to boost these cars!

Always use the proper jump starting equipment!

If you're trying to jump start your vehicle with booster cables, make sure you are using the best cables out there. A lot of power is always lost from the donor vehicle to your car because the cables are of poor quality. Also, make sure you connect the cables correctly, as indicated in your owner's manual. Once you have connected the cables the wrong way, it might be too late, and serious damage could be caused not only to your vehicle, but to the donor vehicle as well.

If you're trying to boost the battery in your vehicle using a booster pack, there are a few things to take into consideration:

  1. Make sure that the booster pack has more CCA (cold cranking amps) than your battery, and it must have surge protection.
  2. Make sure it is fully charged.
  3. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the instructions, because if your don't know how to use your booster pack, you'll never start that car.
  4. Identify the connection requirements between your booster pack and the jump starting points in your vehicle (which are very often not the "+" and "-" on your vehicle's battery.
  5. If your booster pack doesn't have a voltmeter, make sure you have one to measure the battery before and after boosting it to see how the alternator is charging and the condition of the battery after the vehicle was started. In addition  to the voltmeter, you should have a battery tester as well.

To complicated? Get back on the road with a professional "battery boost service" (a.k.a. "car jump start service")

Before you call a tow truck to tow your vehicle away (quite a pricey experience), find a battery boost service in your area, that for just a few bucks, will safely jump start your car!

A few tips on how to find the best battery jump service in your area:

  1. Make sure the car boost service you are calling is local! If they're coming from far away, the price might be higher!
  2. Always confirm the price (get a total figure net + tax) from the service you are calling!
  3. Make sure that the local battery service you are calling has the experience and proper equipment to start your vehicle. Confirm your vehicle make, model and year before you place the order, to make sure you get the right battery tech for assistance.
  4. Get an ETA, but always prepare yourself for delays, because all the mobile car battery services could be delayed by traffic, weather and other factors.
  5. Always ask for a receipt for the payment on your battery boost service to keep it for your records.

The bottom line is this: if you have never jump started your vehicle or any vehicle before and you are not sure what to do, call a professional service and avoid costly towing costs or costly repairs to your vehicle in case anything goes wrong.