What Does A Battery Boost Service Do?

Sparky Express Roadside Assistance

When Do You Need A Battery Boost Service?

When the battery in your vehicle is low or completely dead, you will need a battery boost (synonym with "car jump start" or "battery jump"). If you have done it before, getting a battery boost from another vehicle is a simple process of "borrowing power" from another automobile to start your engine. Once the engine has started, the alternator in your car will start charging the battery (assuming the battery is still in good condition).

Battery boost service: a technician jump starting a car.

When you don't know how to perform a battery boost on your car, the battery boost service is a roadside assistance service provided by either your roadside assistance coverage, a local tow truck company, or a specialized battery roadside assistance service available in your area. Usually, any of these service providers will dispatch someone who is knowledgeable in providing battery boosts and who has the necessary equipment (booster pack, jumper cables, voltmeter, battery tester) and other tools that are needed in the process.

How Much Does A Battery Boost Cost?

Just like anything else, the price for a battery boost varies between service providers, locations, time of day or night, and sometimes is even priced based on the type of vehicle you drive (the jump start process if different and more time consuming on some vehicles than others, for example: you can jump start a small vehicle in a few minutes, but sometimes it takes a lot longer to jump start a bigger truck).

We provide the Sparky Express Battery Boost Service in our service area, based on your vehicle type, as follows:

  • regular vehicles (cars, minivans, pick-up trucks, SUV), cost: $50
  • trucks, semi-trucks or similar vehicles with more than one battery 12V or 24V, cost: $80

To summarize: the battery boost service assists drivers who cannot start their vehicle to safely start the engine, testing the battery and the alternator and providing maintenance advice to the car owner.