What To Do When Your Keys Are Locked Inside The Vehicle

Sparky Express Roadside Assistance

Locked Out Of Your Vehicle?

You have options! Stay calm and figure out your situation, think safety first! If a child, pet, or unresponsive person are locked inside the car, or, if you are locked out of your car and the engine is running in a closed space and you cannot exit the area immediately (such as in a garage and you cannot open the overhead doors or a side door to exit), call 911! Otherwise, analyze your options:

  • Do you have a spare key?
  • Does anyone else who you can call have a spare key?
  • Did you check all the other car doors? Are they all locked?
  • Is the truck unlocked?
  • Are any of the car doors' windows rolled down?

If your keys are locked in the car and you have no other options. you can always call a local car lockout service, or your roadside assistance coverage provider. Towing companies also unlock car doors, but the prices are a bit higher than dedicated car locksmiths or car lockout service providers.

A driver locked out of the car, keys being locked inside the vehicle. Generic image for car lockout services.

Car Lockout Service - Average Prices In Toronto GTA

If you are calling a car lockout service from Toronto or GTA area, the prices vary between $70 and $100. However, if you have an annual roadside assistance coverage plan, the service might be free. You can always find an independent car lockout service that will charge less, you just have to shop around and get the best quote.

The Sparky Express Car Lockout Service is available in Toronto and GTA, and the prices are as follows:

  • Car Lockout Service - regular vehicles (cars, minivans, SUVs, pick-up trucks), $50.
  • Commercial Vehicle Lockout Service (U-Haul trucks, semi-trucks and other similar vehicles), $80.

As you can see, we provide our  car lockout services for a lot less than other similar roadside assistance providers, however, our car door unlocking response is only available in our service area.