Winter Tire Change At Home Services

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There are a few reasons why the winter tire change at home service is becoming more and more popular in Toronto & GTA.

Winter Tire Change At Home Services - Introduction

We have been providing winter tire change at home services for customers in Toronto & GTA area for many years. One of the main reasons why many drivers prefer to have the winter tires installed on their vehicles at home is comfort! There is no need to go and spend hours at a shop while you're waiting your turn, there's no need to lift the heavy tires out of your storage or garage, haul them in your vehicle, mess up your vehicle interior and then wait forever in line at a tire shop when actually everything is ready to go on your car, right at home!

If your winter tires are already on rims and you want to avoid the seasonal congestion at tire shops, we can accommodate you at home! We can install winter tires on vehicles up to 3 tonnes in weight, as long as we're not doing it on the street, due to by-laws in effect in Toronto & GTA. If you have your vehicle parked in a driveway, underground garage or in a parking lot at your building, we can install your winter tires right there!

Winter Tire Change At Home - Etiquette

  1. Making the appointment. Kindly contact us by phone at (647)-819-0490 to make a winter tire change at home appointment, or book the service online, no credit card needed! If you prefer to book the service online, we will contact you by phone to establish the exact time and date of your seasonal tire change appointment.
  2. ETA - Estimated Time of Arrival. When we provide you with the ETA for our tire tech at your location, please allow 1 hour extra time. The tire change professional who was scheduled to perform your winter tire change arrives on time in general, but certain circumstances might delay our arrival: complications on a previous job, traffic or weather conditions in GTA. We will inform you accordingly if the ETA changes.
  3. Tire handling. If your tires are inside your garage, we will handle the winter tires and re-bag the tires removed from your vehicle and stack them in the same place, so you don't have to do anything. If your tire are in a storage unit at your condo building, we will help you bring them to your parking spot. If your tires are not at the location where you wish to have the winter tire change done, it is your responsibility to bring them on location.
  4. Tire racks. If your tires are located in your garage on a tire rack that wasn't bolted properly, the rack might collapse. We are not responsible for any damages when handling tires on and off tire racks if the tire racks collapse.
  5. Working space. We need at least 5ft clearance on each side of your car to work safely and not injure ourselves or cause any property damage. Before we arrive at your location, pease have your vehicle parked in the center of your driveway or in a spot that has 5ft clearance around the car. The vehicle must be parked on a hard surface, stone, asphalt or concrete. The vehicle must be in gear and with the hand brake on (or emergency parking brake on). Please leave the driver's side door unlock as we need to access certain specifications labeled on your vehicle's door frame.How to park vehicle properly for winter tire change at homeHow not to park vehicles in the driveway for winter tire change at home
  6. Hardware. If your winter tires require a different set of lug nuts or bolts, hub rings, spacers, hub caps, etc, please find them have them ready for us. Please also have ready your wheel locks if your vehicle is equipped with anti-theft wheel lug nuts or bolts.
  7. Flat winter tires. We will always inspect and inflate your winter tires prior to installation. Many times, we find that they were punctured by nails, screws or similar debris. There is an additional charge of $10 for any tire we have to plug/repair.
  8. Winter tire change cost. For the 2021 winter tire change season, our price is $60 + tax per vehicle.
  9. Wheel re-torque. All automakers recommend the lug nuts or bolts to be re-torqued after 80-100 km driven. While we take every precaution to ensure that your wheels are properly torqued your vehicle manufacturer's specs, it is up to you to book our wheel re-torque service, now available for as little as $30.

Thank you for selecting Sparky Express as your Winter Tire Change At Home service provider this season!