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Happy customer from Oshawa, Ontario, after getting roadside assistance from Sparky Express.

Getting Roadside Assistance in Oshawa

If you need roadside assistance in Oshawa, Ontario, or wish to have your vehicle detailed at home, call us immediately, or request your service online. We will be in touch shortly to confirm our ETA at your Oshawa location.

Roadside assistance Oshawa telephone no: (647)-819-0490 - Call Us Now!

Get Roadside Assistance in Oshawa
  • Battery boost Oshawa, Ontario.

    Battery Boost Oshawa

    Battery boost service: a roadside assistance service for drivers who can't start a vehicle due to a dead battery. This service is available in Oshawa, Ontario. Request a battery boost in Oshawa, now!

    Battery Boost Oshawa 
  • Car lockout service Oshawa, Ontario.

    Car Lockout Oshawa

    Car lockout service: a roadside auto locksmith service for drivers in Oshawa who have locked their keys in a vehicle. Call us now to unlock your car. Request our car lockout service online, now! It's fast and easy.

    Car Lockout Oshawa 
  • Flat tire service Oshawa, Ontario.

    Flat Tire Oshawa

    If you have a flat tire in Oshawa, Ontario, we can help you by changing your flat tire with your spare wheel, or, if the tire was punctured by a nail or screw, we can fix it. Book our flat tire roadside service in Oshawa, now!

    Flat Tire Oshawa 
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