Collection: Roadside Assistance For Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicle Roadside Assistance Options

Sparky Express provides two categories of services for your electric vehicle: flat tire change service and flat tire repair service.

Flat Tire Services For Electric Vehicles

When you have a flat tire on your electric vehicle, we can come to your location and repair your flat tire by inserting a special plug where the tire was punctured. After assessing the gravity of the tire damage, we will confirm whether this is permanent or a temporary repair.

Most electric vehicles don't come with a spare tire, but if your particular model is equipped with one, we will install it if needed.

Please do not book our flat tire service if your EV has a tire that's completely destroyed and it is not equipped with a spare! In this case, you'll have to call a towing service!

Other services for electric vehicles

We also provide convenient seasonal tire change at-home, wheel rerorque and mobile car detailing for electric vehicles.