COVID-19 Physical Distancing Policy

We Are Always Keeping The Distance!

As we provide our roadside assistance services to our valued customers, we are strictly observing the COVID-19 Physical Distancing Guidelines imposed by the City of Toronto, other local municipalities within the Toronto GTA area, and the Province of Ontario. Here is how:

An illustration of a face mask with a heart on it for our COVID-19 Policy page

  • All of our staff will kindly ask you to keep 2 metres apart when we are providing either of our roadside assistance services.
  • We will always wear a face mask or face covering and mechanic or vinyl / lates gloves when we work on your car. Please note that in some cases, our work requires to actually physically touch a surface without gloves (for example, when we are inspecting a tire for leaks, we actually need to feel the air or nitrogen leak on skin coming out of the tire - hence we actually need to touch your tire without gloves - so we know where the tire repairs are needed).
  • We will not enter any vehicle unless it is absolutely necessary, but if we do, face covering and gloves will be worn by our staff.
  • When we unlock cars, we will might touch your car's window, door handle, etc. If so, we will wipe any surfaced we touch with a cloth and disinfectant.
  • In some cases (seasonal tire change), if requested by our customers, we will enter the garage to move your wheels, however, we strongly recommend that you bring your tires out on the driveway prior to our arrival, to avoid us entering your garage. For more information on our seasonal tire change procedure, please visit this page.
  • We will never attend any service calls if any symptoms of COVID-19 are suspected.
  • On the same note, we kindly ask our customers not to request our services if they show any of the symptoms of the corona virus.

We can only beat COVID-19 together...