Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) - Roadside Assistance

Question: How much does it cost to boost a car battery?

Answer: In Toronto and GTA, towing companies are charging anywhere from $75 to $180 per boost. Sparky Express Roadside Assistance charges only $60.

Question: My car doesn't start and it is parked in the garage facing the wall. Can you provide me with a battery boost?

Answer: Yes we can! We use modern booster packs and we can provide battery boost services to any vehicle parked in any position!

Question: A Sparky Express technician has just boosted my vehicle and told me to run the engine for 30 minutes, but I forgot and I turned the car off as soon as he left. Can I get another boost for free?

Answer: Battery boosting, also known as car jump-start, is the process of taking power from an external source (such as another vehicle or a special device) in order to start a vehicle with a dead battery. There are certain procedures to be followed in order to avoid vehicle damage or even personal injury.

Question: Does boosting a battery recharge it?

Answer: No, it doesn't! Boosting a battery is a process that only assists your vehicle to start if the battery is dead (flat) or drained. Your vehicle's alternator will start charging your battery as soon as your engine is running. Our techs will make recommendations on how long you should run the vehicle for (between 10 minutes and 1.5hrs). You can either idle or driver the vehicle around. However if your car battery has "gone bad" it will not recharge. Our technicians will let you know the health status of your battery and alternator while on site.

Question: Who do I call for a boost? 

Answer: If you're located in the Greater Toronto Area, the best battery boost service is provided by Sparky Express Roadside Assistance. This battery boost service is fast, reliable, and costs only $60!