Roadside Assistance, Prices

Roadside Assistance, How Much Does It Cost?

Roadside assistance on-demand is a type of roadside service that doesn't require membership or annual (long-term) subscriptions. Sparky Express provides on-demand roadside assistance services exclusively! We provide roadside assistance for all the drivers who are stranded in our service area and need one of our services. This includes drivers who are covered by major roadside assistance companies, and who have used all the free calls included in their plans, or simply have no patience to wait for their roadside assistance provider to arrive and help them.

Roadside assistance on-demand: no membership needed! Just call Sparky Express.

Roadside Assistance On-Demand Prices

Here is a price list for roadside assistance on-demand provided by Sparky Express (prices are in Canadian Dollars, taxes extra):

Roadside Assistance Service Type Price
Battery Boost $60
Car Lockout $60
Flat Tire $70
Seasonal Tire Change At Home $60
Wheel Retorque $50
Truck Jump Start $100
Truck Lockout $100

How To Request Roadside Assistance From Sparky Express

There are two ways you can request our roadside assistance services:

  1. By phone: call (647)-819-0490 and give us your location, briefly explain the car situation and we will provide you with an accurate ETA, so you know exactly how long will it take us to get to you.
  2. Online: You can select the roadside assistance service you need from our top menu, and simply submit your request online. This process generates a work order, you do not have to pay anything online, any payment is due only after the work was completed, directly to your technician in person. There is no need to input any credit card information when you request any of our roadside assistance services online! Once the work order was received by us, we will also call you to confirm the exact arrival time of our technician on site.