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Battery Jump-Start Service Markham, Ontario

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For immediate roadside assistance please call us! No credit card needed, taxes extra.

Battery Jump-Start Service Markham, Ontario. Battery Roadside Assistance On-Demand!

How to request our battery jump-start service in Markham:

  • By phone (recommended). Please call (647)-819-0490 and provide the operator with your location and vehicle type.
  • Online. You can book our battery jump-start service online, right here on this page.

Battery Jump-Start Service Markham - Description.

When your car battery is drained (low voltage), or flat (no voltage), you need a battery jump-start. You can jump-start the battery on your own if you have the basic knowledge to do so, or you can request our battery jump-start service to safely start your vehicle.

Battery boost service, description image.

Our battery jump-start service Markham is a safe way to start any vehicle that has a discharged or dead battery in Markham, Ontario. A temporary connection is made to the battery of another vehicle, or to a suitable external power source. The external supply of electricity recharges the disabled vehicle's battery and provides some of the power needed to crank the engine. Once the vehicle has been started, its normal charging system will recharge, so the auxiliary source can be removed. If the vehicle charging system is functional, the normal operation of the vehicle will restore the charge of the battery.

We provide a safe battery jump-start service for any vehicle, large or small, located in Markham, Ontario. Our battery jump-start service is a roadside assistance feature available in the Markham, Ontario area.

Battery Jump-Start Service Markham - Value Added Services.

Here is a list of features of our battery jump-start service Markham, and you should expect when you request a battery jump-start for your car from Sparky Express:

  • Prompt response - whether you are requesting our battery jump-start service in Markham, Ontario by phone or online, we will always respond promptly and call you back to diagnose your car battery situation over the phone or to confirm the service, price and give you an accurate ETA.
  • Professional response - Our battery jump-start service technicians are highly skilled and professional, with extensive experience in providing this roadside assistance for any vehicle.
  • Flexibility - our battery jump-start service is available for all vehicles, regardless of the position in which they are parked. We can assist you with our battery jump-start service even if your car is parked in an underground parking lot, facing the wall, or in any position that makes it difficult to access your battery posts or emergency power terminals.
  • Value-added services - while we provide our battery jump-start service Markham, we provide free of any cost, the following vehicle preventive maintenance services: tire pressure, air filter check, oil level check and we also visually inspect the area under your vehicle, to ensure there were no massive oil or other fluid leaks prior to providing the battery jump-start service, to prevent any damage to your engine ( in case you have lost engine oil and your engine is not properly lubricated, which can cause extensive engine damage).

Battery Jump-Start Service Markham - Compatibility.

Our battery jump-start service is available for any vehicle. From regular cars to large trucks*, we can assist you to safely start your vehicle if the battery is dead or drained, anywhere in Markham, Ontario.

*For truck battery jump-start services please visit this page, as prices and coverage differ from our regular car battery jump-start service.

Battery Jump-Start Service Markham - Map of Markham, Ontario. 

Battery Jump-Start Service - COVID-19 Information.

Our battery jump-start service is provided with the highest degree of professionalism and care, according to the current COVID-19 guidelines. We are doing everything we can to avoid getting inside your vehicle, but if we have to, our staff is always wearing the proper protective equipment (face mask and gloves) and always keeps the distance. Please do the same and try to keep 2 meters away from our technicians while we are providing you with our battery jump-start service.

We always keep the distance while providing our battery jump-start service

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