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If you have locked the keys inside your Buick, serious damage to your vehicle's locking system and even personal injury may occur if the proper Buick lockout procedure is not followed. Using household items such as knives, coat hangers, trying to pull the door window down might result in scratches on your vehicle, bending the doors, breaking the glass, damaging your electronic locking system beyond repairs, or even cutting yourself or breaking fingers in the car door! Unlocking the car door of your Buick should be done with the proper tools and by qualified techs to avoid all the unpleasant scenarios mentioned above!

Buick Lockout Service On-Demand by Sparky Express

Our Buick Lockout Service On-Demand is always provided by an experienced tech, who will always ensure that if you have locked the keys in your Buick, your vehicle will be unlocked safely without any damage to your locking system and with the proper tools to protect the car. Depending on the Buick model, we use a combination of tools that will not damage your doors, weather strips, or scratch your car's interior.

At Sparky Express, our car lockout tech will always be equipped with adequate tools such as air shims, long-reach tools, plastic shims, or even key cylinder decoders to unlock your Buick safely and retrieve your keys.

This Buick Lockout Service is available on-demand in Toronto, Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa, and Markham, in Ontario, Canada.

What Does "Buick Lockout Service On-Demand" Mean?

Buick Lockout Service On-Demand means that this roadside assistance service is available to drivers without CAA or other coverage and that we charge a flat fee per response. Sparky Express is your local roadside assistance service available on-demand, with no membership or annual subscription required!

How Much Does It Cost To Unlock Buick?

If your keys are locked inside your Buick, our charge is a flat fee of $40.00 (taxes extra) per response. There are no other fees or hidden surcharges other than this flat fee for any of our roadside assistance services.

How Can I Book The Buick Lockout Service On-Demand?

Here is how you can request this roadside assistance service:

  • By telephone, at (647)-819-0490
  • Online: you can request our Buick Lockout Service On-Demand, right here on this page. No credit card information is required when you book this service, and we will contact you immediately to establish a convenient date and time or to dispatch a car locksmith right away to unlock your Buick.


We accept all debit and credit cars, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Interac e-transfer, and cash. A receipt will always be provided.

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