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Sparky Express Roadside Assistance

Car Breakdown Service

Car Breakdown Service

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For roadside assistance call (647)-819-0490, Mon to Sat 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM. We accept any debit or credit card, tap available.

Car Breakdown Service: Battery, Lockout & Tire Problems

If you are looking for a reliable car breakdown service for battery problems, locked keys in car, or because you have a flat tire, Sparky Express Roadside Assistance can help you with the following services:

Car Breakdown: Battery Problems

If you require a car jump start for any vehicle including hybrids, Sparky Express offers specialized car battery services for a variety of breakdowns including dead or low battery, frozen or clogged fuel lines, alternator testing, and battery SoH (state of health testing).

Car Breakdown: Lockouts

With all the safeguards in place, vehicles still seem to lock themselves out for no particular reason. If you find yourself in this situation (locked keys in car), contact us immediately to dispatch a reliable car locksmith to unlock your vehicle.

Car Breakdown: Flat Tire, Slow Tire Leak, Punctured Tire, Valve Problems

If the type of car breakdown you are encountering involves a flat tire, faulty valve, punctured tire or rim leak, there are two solutions available for you:

  1. Flat tire change (with spare wheel)
  2. Flat tire repair (only for tires punctured by an object up to 1/4 inches in diameter, assuming the tire was punctured in the crown area, not on the sidewall).

Other Car Breakdowns, Roadside Assistance

From gas cars to hybrids and electric vehicles, our qualified roadside assistance techs will help you get back on the road, or at least recommend a service that is closer to you, and even a towing service, if the car breakdown cannot be resolved. If you need your wheels re-torqued, or tires inflated at home, if you have a clogged fuel line, frozen fuel line, or if your car battery keeps dying, contact us immediately for advice or help dispatched to your location.

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