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Car Unlocking Service Pickering, Ontario

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We are a local roadside assistance service provider in Toronto, Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa, and Markham, Ontario, Canada. Call (647)-819-0490 for roadside assistance. Our roadside assistance service is available from 7 AM to 7 PM, 7 days per week.

Car Unlocking Service Pickering, Ontario. On-Demand Car Unlocking Roadside Assistance in Pickering.

If a child, unresponsive elderly person, or pet is locked inside the car, please call 911 immediately. If also, you are in a closed space, locked out of your vehicle and the engine is running, try to get out immediately to avoid carbon monoxide asphyxiation, or call 911 immediately. 

How to request our car unlocking service Pickering:

  • By phone (recommended). Please call (647)-819-0490 and provide the operator with your location and vehicle type.
  • Online. You can book our car unlocking service online, right here on this page.

Car Unlocking Service Pickering - Description.

Car lockouts are a regular occurrence. If it happens to you, think about your best options. Staying calm will always help in any potentially stressful situation.

  • Ask yourself if you have a spare key anywhere. Perhaps your spouse or a family member has one.
  • If not, you can call Sparky Express for affordable, fast, and professional car unlocking service in Pickering, Ontario.
  • However, you can also explore a few other options as well. Most cars have automatic locks that lock all doors at once when you press the lock button on the key fob. However, some cars still lock only doors and not trunks. Or, some are still manual, and each door must be locked individually. Go around your car and try opening each door and the trunk. If you have a hatchback and the trunk door is open, you’re all set as long as you can climb over the car seats.
Car unlocking service Pickering - a roadside assistance service provided by Sparky Express

We provide a quick response car unlocking service for any vehicle, large or small, in Pickering, Ontario. Our car unlocking service Pickering is a roadside assistance feature available on-demand.

 Car Unlocking Service - Value Added Services.

Here is a list of features of our car unlocking service, and what should you expect when you request our car unlocking service from Sparky Express:

  • Prompt response - whether you are requesting our car unlocking service by phone or online, we will always respond promptly and call you back to diagnose your car lockout situation over the phone or to confirm the service, price, and give you an accurate ETA.
  • Professional response - Our car unlocking service technicians in Pickering are highly skilled and professional, with extensive experience in providing this roadside assistance service for any vehicle.
  • Flexibility - our car unlocking service Pickering is available for all vehicles, regardless of the position in which they are parked. We can assist you with our car unlocking service in Pickering even if your car is parked in an underground parking lot, facing the wall, or in any position.
  • Care - we will never unlock a vehicle in a hurry. Our objective is to unlock your car without any damages or scratches to your car.
  • No additional charges for battery service if your lockout is due to a dead car battery.

Car Unlocking Service Pickering - Compatibility.

Our car unlocking service is available for any vehicle in Pickering, Ontario. From regular cars to large trucks*, we can assist you to safely unlock your vehicle if you are locked out or if your vehicle's battery is dead or drained, causing the inability to unlock the doors.

For truck lockout services please visit this page, as prices and coverage are different from our regular car unlocking service.

Car Unlocking Service Pickering - Coverage Area, Map.

Car Unlocking Service Pickering - COVID-19 Information.

Our car unlocking service Pickering is provided with the highest degree of professionalism and care, according to the current COVID-19 guidelines. We are doing everything we can to avoid getting inside your vehicle, but if we have to, our staff is always wearing the proper protective equipment (face mask and gloves) and always keeps the distance. Please do the same and try to keep 2 meters away from our technicians while we are providing you with our car unlocking service in Pickering.

We always keep the distance while providing our car unlocking service Pickering

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