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Sparky Express Roadside Assistance

Flat Tire Repair Service

Flat Tire Repair Service

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For roadside assistance call (647)-819-0490, Mon to Sat 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM. We accept any debit or credit card, tap available.

Flat tire repair service that comes to you!

If your tire was punctured by a nail or a screw, we can come to your location and fix it! How to order our mobile flat tire repair service:

  • By phone (recommended): Please call us and provide the operator with your location and vehicle type.
  • Online. You can book our flat tire repair service online, right here on this page.

Stay where you are, we come to you!

Flat tires are a regular occurrence. They can occur while driving, or you can find your vehicle with a flat tire after it is parked. Flat tires happen when your tire is punctured, cut, leaks around the rim, or has a defective valve.

If you have a flat tire while driving your vehicle, stop gradually, but pick a spot where it is safe to stop and with sufficient space for changing or fixing your flat tire. In most cases, your vehicle's TPMS will advise you immediately if there is a tire pressure problem, so you can pull over immediately and check your tires.

If you find your vehicle with a flat tire when parked, please take care of the flat tire situation before you drive away.

If you know how to change your flat tire with the working spare or if you know how to fix it, do so before driving away. Otherwise, call Sparky Express for flat tire assistance.

What does a mobile flat tire repair service do?

When you have a flat tire, and the puncture diameter is less than 0.25 inches, a mobile flat tire repair service can assist you right where you are, on the road or at home. If we can repair the flat tire, we will do it on the spot. Otherwise will install your spare tire.

Value Added Services

Here is a list of features of our flat tire change service and what you should expect when you request flat tire roadside assistance from us:

  • Promptitude - whether you request our flat tire repair service by phone or online, we will always respond promptly and call you back to diagnose your flat tire situation over the phone or to confirm the service price and give you an accurate ETA.
  • Professionalism - Our tire technicians are highly skilled and experienced, with extensive experience providing flat tire roadside assistance for any vehicle. Versatility - our flat tire service is available for a wide range of vehicles up to 3 tonnes in weight.
  • Increased Safety - we will ensure that your car is safe to drive when changing or fixing your flat tire. When we complete our flat tire repair, we will always torque and inflate your tires properly.

There are no additional charges, or hidden fees. The service rates you see on this page for our flat tire services are your final cost (taxes extra).


Our flat tire service is available for almost any regular vehicle* up to 3 tonnes. Please make sure you have your spare wheel and the anti-theft key for your wheel's nuts or bolts before you request our service.

*We might not be able to service vehicles with highly customized wheels, suspensions, or other types of customization that might prevent us from safely and efficiently performing the flat tire service.

We also provide flat tire repairs for larger commercial vehicles, but there might be additional fees, depending on the make of the commercial vehicle that needs tire repairs. Our expert tire repair tech can help you fix tires for any car.

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