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  • Flat tire service Scarborough, Ontario - repairs for flat tires caused by nails or screws, or spare tire installation.
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Sparky Express

Flat Tire Service Scarborough, Ontario

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Flat Tire Service Scarborough, How To Request Help

If you have a flat tire in Scarborough, Ontario, you can book our "Flat Tire Service Scarborough", online or by phone. Here is how:

  • Get flat tire assistance in Scarborough by phone: call or text (647)-819-0490 and let us know your exact location in Scarborough-Ontario, and the type of flat tire situation you're having (the tire is blown, or the tire is flat because it was punctured by a nail or a screw).
  • Online: if you wish, you can request our flat tire service in Scarborough online, right here on this page.

Flat Tire Service Scarborough, Compatibility

Our flat tire service is available in Scarborough, Ontario for any type of vehicle with a maximum weight of 3 tonnes. If your vehicle is highly customized, or if it has tandem wheels, we might not always be able to help, please call us to discuss details.

Our flat tire service should be requested by drivers in the Scarborough, Ontario area who are not able to repair a flat tire or to install the spare wheel. We do not sell tires, so if you need a new tire, you should try to find a local supplier who sells and delivers tires.

Flat Tire Service Scarborough, Payment

For your convenience, for all of our roadside assistance services, we accept payments by credit or debit card, Interac E-Transfer, and Apple or Google Pay, but we also accept cash. We do not accept cheques. Payment is due upon completion of work.

Flat Tire Service Scarborough, COVID-19 Information

When we assist drivers in Scarborough, Ontario with flat tire change or repair services, we observe the current COVID-19 regulations in this area. Our operators responding to your flat tire call will always wear face masks and gloves and have disinfectants available in the vehicle. Please keep a minimum 2 meters distance from the operator responding to your flat tire call in Scarborough.

Sparky Express is a local roadside assistance provider in Scarborough, Ontario.