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Sparky Express Whitby

Flat Tire Service Whitby, Ontario

Flat Tire Service Whitby, Ontario

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Sparky Express is an independent roadside assistance service available in the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, Canada. Our business hours are Monday to Saturday, from 6:00AM to 6:00PM.

Got a flat tire in Whitby?

Exiting your vehicle on the side of the road in Whitby is dangerous. When you have a flat tire, call our flat tire service, available in Whitby. We arrive fast, charge competitive rates, and have the training to change or repair tires safely.

We will repair your flat tire in some circumstances or install your spare wheel, depending on how badly your tire is damaged. One call to Sparky Express, and you will be glad you didn’t try and deal with your flat tire incident yourself.

We fix punctured tires!

Punctures can happen quickly from unseen debris on the highways and streets of Whitby. Then, suddenly, you hear the telltale thump of a flat. Sparky Express has tire technicians across Whitby that can help you out of this unfortunate flat tire situation. We can arrive promptly, repair your tire, and have you on your way quickly.

We replace tires damaged beyond repair (with your spare tire).

If your tire is "shredded" or has cuts or punctures larger than 1/4 in, we will install your spare tire (also known as "donut." Then, we will load your wheel that had the flat tire in your trunk, and you can continue driving while taking the damaged tire to a properly equipped shop to install a new tire or even patch the flat tire properly.


There are many flat tire service providers in Whitby, but Sparky Express stands out for the following reasons:

  • We charge a fair price for our flat tire service in Whitby.
  • We respond quickly.
  • Our flat tire service is available on the road, but also in underground parking garages.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • No hidden fees, prices are always as advertised.
  • We are courteous and professional.
  • We provide flat tire services in Whitby for all electric vehicles (we use low-profile hydraulic jacks for vehicles with a maximum weight up to 3 tonnes).
Got a flat tire in Whitby? Contact Sparky Express at 647-819-0490, or book our this service online!
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