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How To Jump Start A Car

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How To Jump Start A Car, Introduction

In the event that your car battery is completely dead (because you didn't drive your car for a long period of time), or just drained (you left something on in your car: lights, plugged charger, the alarm went on the whole night, etc), you will need to jump start your vehicle. The car jump start process is also known as battery boost, car boost, or battery jump start. These terms, all refer to the same process of "borrowing" power from another vehicle to the vehicle with a dead or drained battery, in order to start the car. 

  • The vehicle with a dead battery - disable vehicle
  • The vehicle giving power - live vehicle

In order to jump start your disabled vehicle, you will need the following items before you start the disabled vehicle process:

  1. Owner's Manual: refer to the exact steps in the manual provided by your manufacturer, under the "Jump Start" section in "Emergencies". Please review this information as each vehicle is built differently, and if not performed properly, the jumpstart process will result in serious damage to your vehicle's electrical system or even injury, as car batteries may explode.
  2. Protection goggles and gloves: make sure that you wear proper personal protective equipment when jump-starting a car, to avoid personal injury.
  3. Jumper cables: A set of high-quality jumper cables. Please make sure that they are long enough to permit installation without vehicles touching each other.

How To Jump Start A Car, The Process

  1. Remove the key from ignition, or make sure that both the disabled vehicle and the live vehicle are off, and close enough to permit the jumper cable installation, but far enough so they don't touch each other.
  2. On the disabled vehicle, lift the engine compartment lid, and find the emergency jump start posts. Do not use the battery posts if your vehicle requires jump starting via dedicated remote contacts.
  3. Connect the red cable on the positive terminal on the disabled vehicle first, then on the positive terminal on the live vehicle. Then connect the negative cable on the negative terminal on the disabled vehicle, then on the negative terminal on the live vehicle.
  4. Start the engine in the live vehicle and let run at idle.
  5. Now start the engine in the disabled vehicle. If it doesn't start, wait 30 seconds then try again.
  6. If you don't manage to start the disabled vehicle, stop! Request professional assistance from a roadside assistance provider, or a dedicated car jump start service such as Sparky Express.
  7. After you have started the vehicle, remove the cables in reverse sequence. To avoid voltage spikes that will seriously damage your vehicle(s) electrical systems, please carefully read your Owner's Manual and turn on/off the devices in your vehicle as instructed by your car's manufacturer (some vehicles require certain electrical consumers in your vehicle to be turned on when removing jumper cables, see owner's manual)

Car Battery Boosts Using Booster Packs

Another way you can start the disabled vehicle is by using a device called "Car Battery Booster Pack". Those are powerful devices that can aid starting a disabled vehicle with a dead or drained battery, and you must carefully read both your owner's manual and the instructions provided with your battery booster pack. Some battery booster packs might be too powerful for your vehicle or have dual voltage 12/24 V features, some are equipped with sparkless mode and some aren't, some have surge protection and some don't. Using a powerful booster pack the wrong way might cause costly damages to your vehicle's electrical system.

Check The Alternator

After you have jump-started the disabled vehicle, do not drive away until you have checked the alternator. If your alternator is not charging your car battery properly, your car will stop running while you are driving on the road.

Repeat Jump Starts, Replace Your Car Battery

Any battery (depending on quality), has a life span of about 4 years. If the battery keeps "dying on you", it's time to change the car battery, to avoid future battery mishaps on the road. There are car battery replacement services available to come to your location (by appointment) and replace your car battery at home or at work. If purchasing the car battery yourself, make sure you get the right battery group for your car and that you keep your car battery warranty certificate safe in case you need it. 

Sparky Express provides car jump start services in Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa, Toronto, and Markham, Ontario, Canada. Call us or request our jumpstart services right here on this page.

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