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We are a local roadside assistance service provider in Toronto, Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa, and Markham, Ontario, Canada. Call (647)-819-0490 for roadside assistance. Our roadside assistance service is available from 7 AM to 7 PM, 7 days per week.

Mitsubishi Roadside Assistance Service, On Demand.

Mitsubishi Roadside Assistance by Sparky Express is an on-demand roadside assistance service, ideal for Mitsubishi drivers, who don’t have a permanent roadside assistance coverage plan with any of the major providers.

Mitsubishi Roadside Assistance On-Demand: How Does It Work?

If you require any of our roadside assistance services that we provide in our area, simply give us a call or book the service that you need online, and we will provide you with the roadside assistance you need for your Mitsubishi, right away! For our services, we charge a low cost, flat fee, payable directly to the technician assisting you upon completion of service.

What Does Mitsubishi Roadside Assistance by Sparky Express Cover?

Our Mitsubishi Roadside Assistance is limited to the following vehicle problems:

  • Your Mitsubishi won’t start due to a car battery problem.
  • You have locked your keys in your Mitsubishi vehicle.
  • You have a flat tire on your Mitsubishi vehicle.
  • You are out of gas in your Mitsubishi vehicle.
  • You wish to have your Mitsubishi seasonal tires changed at home.
  • You need a new battery installed in your Mitsubishi vehicle.
  • You need the wheel lug nuts retorqued on your Mitsubishi vehicle.

What's The Cost For Mitsubishi Roadside Assistance On-Demand?

Please refer to the table below for Mitsubishi Roadside Assistance rates (taxes extra). Scroll left/right on your mobile device to see all columns.



Battery Battery Boost $40
Battery Battery Replacement $70
Locked Keys In Car Car Lockout $40
Flat Tire Flat Tire Service $60
Out of Gas Fuel Delivery Service (10L) $50
Seasonal Tires Seasonal Tire Change At Home $50
Retorque Wheel Retorque Service At Home $40

Service Area For Mitsubishi Roadside Assistance by Sparky Express

Our Mitsubishi Roadside Assistance is available in the following locations in the Toronto GTA area: Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa, Toronto, and Markham, in the Province of Ontario, Canada.


Sometimes, you might get reimbursed for the cost of service by your insurance company, or even your roadside assistance coverage provider. In every case, we will provide you with an electronic receipt, so you can claim the expense. Our Mitsubishi Roadside Assistance Service is a very convenient and affordable way to get back on the road if you experience minor vehicle problems, without having to tow your vehicle and actually having the issue fixed right on the spot! We use the latest battery boosting technology, and the highest quality tools in the hands of skilled roadside assistance technicians who can fix your minor Mitsubishi vehicle problems, right where you are!

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Avoid costly services for simple problems by using Mitsubishi Roadside Assistance by Sparky Express!

Note: Sparky Express is an independent roadside assistance service not affiliated with Mitsubishi Canada or Mitsubishi USA.

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