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My Car Doesn't Start! Auto Jump Start Service.

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Looking for a local auto jump start service?

If your car doesn't start, one of the main causes could be that the car battery is dead or drained. This usually happens when you don't start the car for a long time, or if you left your lights on, or if your car battery has gone bad and it should be replaced.

Important fact!

The main purpose of your car battery is to start the car. Once the car has been started, the battery is charged (maintained) by the alternator.

Reason #1: not enough driving.

Many drivers are taken by surprise when after a few weeks or even months of not driving the vehicle (especially since the COVID-19 pandemic has started), they attempt to start the car and... nothing. When this happens, a few precautions should be taken before jump starting the car to avoid serious damage or personal injury. For instance: the engine might not be properly lubricated, there could be gunk build-up on injectors and spark plugs, battery terminal corrosion, and more. Sparky Express can assist you with professional auto jump start services to ensure your vehicle is properly "resuscitated" after a long period of inactivity.

Reason #2: you have forgotten your lights on, or something else left on in the car has drained the battery.

This is the most common cause of your car battery being drained. Here are a few scenarios when your car battery is being drained:

  • Lights left on.
  • A car door was left ajar.
  • The alarm was triggered and stayed one (sometimes just lights flashing) for a long period of time.
  • Something was left "plugged" in and the aux power wasn't turned off automatically.
  • Humidity
  • The car was driven for a very short distance only and the alternator is not charging properly.
  • Extreme weather (too hot, too cold)

Any of the reasons mentioned above will result in your battery being drained. Depending on the RC specs of your car battery (reserve capacity), your battery could be drained quicker (low RC), or slower (better RC). The RC - reserve capacity - is the most important factor in picking a quality car battery. Higher reserve capacity lessens the chances of draining your car battery fast.

If your car battery is drained or dead for any of the reasons above, make sure you jump start your car properly, following the exact steps and precautions in your owner's manual otherwise you can cause extensive damage to your vehicle's engine, electrical system (also the vehicle giving you the power can be affected) and also, improper jump starting techniques could result in personal injuries.

Reason #3: your battery is defective or damaged and needs to be replaced.

If everything else is in good standing order with your vehicle's electrical system, but your battery keeps getting drained, it means that you have to change your car battery. We can help you pick the best battery while saving your money, and we can also install your car battery for a very low price.

Whether you need a jump start for your car, or you need a new car battery installed in your vehicle, Sparky Express provides a complete suite of quality auto jump start services and car battery installation services at competitive rates! Book one of our auto battery services right here on this page, or give us a call!