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Sparky Express

Wheel Re-torque Service

Wheel Re-torque Service

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Sparky Express is an independent roadside assistance service available in the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, Canada. Our business hours are Monday to Saturday, from 6:00AM to 6:00PM.

Wheel Re-torque Service, Details

Service description: we come to your location to properly retorque your wheels' lug nuts or bolts according to your manufacturer's recommended specs. This is a peace of mind, safe driving, preventive maintenance process that ensures your wheels will not fly away while you're driving.

Every vehicle manufacturer recommends a specific torque (tightening force) for the wheels' nuts or bolts. Some vehicles have the wheels attached with nuts ("lug nuts"), some with bolts. Most auto manufacturers recommend the retorque process every time a wheel is removed and re-installed on the vehicle. Removing and re-installing a wheel on the car occurs when you change your seasonal tires, when you have a flat tire or when any work is being done on your vehicle that requires wheel removal and re-installation.

The Myth: "If my wheels' lug nuts or bolts are not retorqued, my wheels will come off my car when I'm driving!"

We've all seen wheels "flying" away from cars on the road. Why is this happening?

According to the manufacturer's recommendation, if the wheels are not installed correctly, and the lug nuts or bolts are not appropriately torqued, there is a pretty good chance that the wheels will come off that car. Also, in geographical areas where seasonal tire change occurs regularly (winter/summer), there are more cases of drivers losing their wheels than in other locations.

Rims come in many different types and sizes, with specific sizes, bolt patterns, and wheel hub sizes for every car. Sometimes, the difference in the bolt pattern on the rim is invisible to the naked eye, resulting in improper installation of the wheel, which will eventually generate vibration and the nuts or bolts coming off the wheel. The hub bore on aftermarket rims is sometimes bigger, which is okay, as long as the wheel is centered correctly (some mechanics prefer using plastic or aluminum hub rings to center the rim and center the studs or bolts on the rim) and the nuts or bolts are correctly torqued.

If the wheels were correctly installed and the rims match all the requirements for your car (bolt pattern, wheel hub size, and tire size) and the lug nuts or bolts were torqued according to the manufacturer's specs, the chances of your wheels "flying" away from the car when you drive, are very low.

Re-torque Wheel Lug Nut or Bolt, Torque Specs

Most auto manufacturers are obvious about one thing: the wheel lug nut or bolt torque specified in your owner's manual applies to vehicles when they are new, fresh out of the production line. In time, the lug nuts, bolts, and studs become rusty. They "stretch," and the recommended lug nut or bolt torque listed in your vehicle's owner manual changes (increases). 

An experienced tire & wheel technician's hand is often needed to torque your wheels properly. In many cases, adding a few ft-lbs torque (5 to 10) to your lug nuts or bolts is not going to hurt your car and will prevent the wheels from flying off.

Call Sparky Express to retorque your wheels and drive with confidence.

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