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We are a local roadside assistance service provider in Toronto, Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa, and Markham, Ontario, Canada. Call (647)-819-0490 for roadside assistance. Our roadside assistance service is available from 7 AM to 7 PM, 7 days per week.

Need To Retorque Tires?

Actually, you can't retorque tires, but you can use our retorque service to have your vehicle's wheels lug nuts or bolts retorqued at home if you don't feel like driving your car all the way to a location where is too crowded or you have to wait in line.

Our retorque service is available to anyone interested in having the peace of mind that their vehicle's wheels won't fly on the highway while driving the car.

We will attend your location and retorque your lug nuts or bolts to your vehicle's manufacturer-recommended lug nut torque or wheel bolt torque, and we will also inflate your tires and (if you're interested) diagnose your car battery while we're at it.

Retorquing the wheels' lug nuts or bolts is recommended by all vehicle manufacturers, and it is also a great idea if you retorque your wheels before any long trip.

Once your wheels have been retorqued, you can hit the road with confidence!

How to request our retorque service: request online right here on this page (no credit card needed), we will receive your retorque service work order and call back right away to schedule an appointment. You can also request our retorque service via telephone!

Remember: even if the search engine you are using suggests "retorque tires", you actually want your wheel lug nuts or bolts retorqued, and not the tires! But if you really like the expression "retorque tires", what-the-heck! Let's retorque your tires!

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