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Roadside Assistance Toronto. Affordable, on-demand roadside assistance services.Select your roadside assistance service, book online, or by phone!

Our roadside assistance services are available on-demand for drivers who are not covered by a long term roadside assistance plan and who need immediate help at home, or on the road with their vehicles.

We provide light duty roadside assistance services!

Our light duty roadside assistance services are ideal for drivers who cannot start their cars due to dead or drained car battery, for drivers who have locked their keys in the car, or for drivers who are out of gas. Our specialized light-duty roadside assistance services (battery boost, lockout assist, and fuel delivery) are very affordable and fast.

We also provide mobile tire services!

Do you have a flat tire? We can attend your location and swap your flat tire with your spare wheel, or plug your tire if the flat was caused by a nail or screw. We cannot repair your flat tire if there is a larger cut or, your rim is damaged (in this case we can only install your spare tire). 

Are you looking for a professional mobile tire service to install your seasonal tires at home? We come to you! Our seasonal tire change is available for drivers right on their driveway!

Please note that additional charges may apply for assistance on highways, larger vehicles or vehicles with customization on wheels.

Sparky Express Roadside Assistance Services - available on demand!

Our Roadside Assistance Services are suitable for the following vehicle brands:

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