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  • Subaru roadside assistance services: vehicle jump start, vehicle lockout, flat tire and more!
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Sparky Express Roadside Assistance

Subaru Roadside Assistance

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Subaru Roadside Assistance. Call: +1(647)-819-0490

Sparky Express provides roadside assistance services for all Subaru models. We are an on-demand roadside service so there are no membership requirements. If you become stranded with your Subaru vehicle, we charge a flat fee per service call.

Here is a list of Subaru roadside assistance services provided by us, for all Subaru models:

  • Vehicle jump start.
  • Vehicle lockout.
  • Flat tire change or repair.
  • Fuel delivery

More information about Sparky Express Roadside Assistance

How to request roadside assistance

You can order any of our roadside assistance services as follows:

- Via telephone: (647)-819-0490

- Online: you can use this page to book an appointment with us for any roadside assistance services that we provide. Once we have received your work order, we will call you immediately to confirm your location and provide you with am exact ETA.

Service area

Our services are only available in the Toronto & GTA area, as indicated in our listing on Google.

How to pay

We will never ask you for credit card information, or request any payment in advance, even when you book our services online. All payments are due after the work is completed, and our technician will process your payment by credit card, debit card, cash or other payment forms such as Apple Pay, Google pay, etc, in person.

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