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Tesla Tire Services Ajax, Ontario

Tesla Tire Services Ajax, Ontario

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Sparky Express provides roadside assistance without membership and mobile tire services.

Mobile Tesla Tire Services in Ajax, Ontario

We come to you to provide a variety of Tesla tire services in Ajax, Ontario for your convenience. Here is a list of tire services available for your Tesla in Ajax:

  1. Tesla flat tire repair on-site.
  2. Tesla tire rotation every 10,000 km.
  3. Tesla seasonal tire change at home.

Our Tesla service vehicles are equipped with all the compatible tools for all models, and our tire techs are prompt, experienced, and qualified to work on models S, 3, X, and Y.

Tesla Flat Tire Repair On-Site in Ajax, Ontario

Basically if your Tesla's tire was punctured by a nail or a screw, we will come to your location to fix the tire. It is very important that if you see a nail or a screw in your tire, you leave it there, so we can follow the puncture and properly plug it.

Since Tesla does not provide a spare wheel, this Tesla flat tire repair on-site service is very convenient for Tesla drivers in Ajax, Ontario, and our rates are competitive.

10,0000 Km Tesla Tire Rotation in Ajax, Ontario

As you probably already know, Tesla requires tire rotation front-back every 10,000km. This requirement apply only to vehicles with same size tires front and back. If your Tesla has staggered wheels, you cannot do the rotation, as the rear tires are wider than the front (usually this applies to some X and S models).

Our Tesla service vehicle is equipped with the necessary equipment to safely jack your car and perform the tire rotation front - back. Once the rotation is completed we will reset your tire rotation monitor in your Tesla's dashboard, and instruct you how to drive for the first 20 minutes, so the vehicle resets after the tire rotation.

Your tires will be inspected, inflated as required by Tesla, and the wheels will be torqued according to the carmaker's recommendations.

It is very important to do your 10,000 km Tesla tire rotation on time, so that the tire life will be extended, and you get the best tire grip and driving experience in your Tesla.

Tesla Seasonal Tire Change at Home in Ajax, Ontario

To get the best tire grip when driving your Tesla, it is important to use the appropriate tires for the season. If your winter and summer tires are on rim, we will come to your location in Ajax, Ontario to swap your winter and summer tires at home.

The Tesla seasonal tire change at home in Ajax, Ontario, is a very convenient mobile tire service that comes to your doorstep. Our Tesla tire tech will install your seasonal tires, inspect the tire thread, inflate the tires, and torque your wheels.

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If you need immediate assistance for your Tesla's tire, please call us, otherwise, you can book any of our Tesla Tire Services in Ajax, Ontario online.

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