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  • Truck Jump-Start Service. Provided by Sparky Express Roadside Assistance. Available online or by phone.
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Sparky Express Roadside Assistance

Truck Jump-Start Service

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Truck Jump-Start Service - Sparky Express®

Our Truck Jumpstart Service is a roadside assistance service available for all trucks powered by 12V or 24V batteries. We use powerful dual 12V / 24V booster packs to start any commercial vehicle, including tractors and other machinery. Here is how you can request our truck jump start service:

  • By phone: please call us at (647)-819-0490.
  • Online: you can book our truck jump start service online, right here on this page!

Truck Jump Start Service - Description

Our experienced techs will help you jump-start your truck when you need it most while ensuring that during the process, your truck's electrical systems are protected, and your truck is safely started. It doesn't matter where and how your truck is parked! We'll get to it and get you back on the road real fast!

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