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  • Car battery replacement.
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Car Battery Replacement Service

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Car Battery Replacement, We Come To You!

Our car battery replacement service is a roadside assistance service available only for vehicles with the battery easily accessible in the engine compartment, or in the trunk. We do not replace batteries in the field for vehicles that require wheel removal, driver's seat removal, or engine parts, or engine modules removal in order to access the vehicle battery. For any type of vehicle that does not have the battery easily accessible for removal and replacement, we highly recommend taking the vehicle to a properly equipped auto-shop where the work can be done in safe conditions.

If your vehicle requires battery registration, we can install and register batteries (program batteries) for the following vehicles*:

  • Audi (2002-2018)
  • BMW (2003-2018)
  • Chrysler (2006-2017)
  • Ford (2008-2015)
  • GM (2004-2018)
  • Honda (2003-2018)
  • Infiniti (1995-2015)
  • Jaguar (2008-2017)
  • Land Rover (2007-2016)
  • Lexus (2006-2017)
  • Mazda (2008-2012)
  • Mini (2004-2018)
  • Mitsubishi (2010-2015)
  • Nissan (1993-2014)
  • Porsche (2009-2015)
  • Toyota (2006-2017)
  • Volvo (2007-2014)
  • Volkswagen (2003-2014)

*Not all vehicles require battery registration.

Here is how our car battery replacement service works:

  • Please call us to establish that we can replace the battery in your vehicle.
  • Purchase the battery from Canadian Tire or another car battery retailer of your choice (online) for curbside or in-store pickup. We will pick it up together with your warranty certificates and invoice issued by your car battery retailer.
  • If you already have a new battery and just want us to install it, please disregard the step above.
  • We will attend to your location and install your new car battery.
  • The service fee of $70 is due to be paid after the battery was installed, directly to the tech performing the work (we accept cash, debit, credit, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and e-transfer.
  • Please note that our car battery replacement service does not include the disposal of your old battery. It will be your responsibility to dispose of the old battery once the service is completed. Usually, all car battery retailers will pay you back between $10 and $20 for returning the old battery to the store as they recycle them (core charge return).

Our car battery replacement service is provided in accordance with the latest COVID-19 social distancing guidelines in Ontario.

Our car battery replacement service is available in Toronto, Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa, and Markham for a flat fee of $70, additional charges will apply for other areas in Toronto GTA.

Very important! Before you request this roadside assistance service, please ensure that you do not have an alternator problem. We will assist you via telephone to diagnose this issue!

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