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Seasonal Tire Change

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Request this roadside assistance service online now, or call us at 647-819-0490 (faster service), no credit card needed! Your payment will be processed on-site by the driver responding to your call, after the job is completed. We accept debit, credit, Apple Pay, Google Pay (tap, contactless), cash and Interac e-transfer.

Seasonal Tire Change At Home. From $75!

Our Seasonal Tire Change is a mobile tire service available right on your driveway! When the time comes to swap your winter wheels with your summer wheels (or, the other way around), just give us a call! We will come to you and swap your seasonal wheels (your seasonal tires must be pre-installed on rims). When we perform our seasonal tire change service, we make sure that everything is cleaned and, where needed, an anti-seize paste is applied.

Our Seasonal Tire Change Service is available in the following locations within the Greater Toronto Area: Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa, Toronto, Markham.

Contact Sparky Express Roadside Assistance now for your seasonal tire change! We are fast and affordable!

While we provide our Seasonal Tire Change Service, we kindly ask you to observe our Physical Distancing Guidelines:

  1. Have your tires out before we arrive, or near the garage door, so we don't have to enter your premises.
  2. Have your wheel lock anti-theft key out.
  3. Make sure your car is in parking mode or in 1st gear and emergency brake activated.
  4. Once we have swapped your tires, will ask you to enter the vehicle, start the vehicle, and release the hood for the tire pressure procedure, as we need access to your car battery.
  5. At all times, please keep a minimum of 2 meters distance from our tech.
  6. All Sparky Express staff are required to wear a face mask and gloves at all times when on your property.
  7. We accept all payment methods (debit, credit, e transfer, online payments, or cash, so no physical contact is required for payment, receipts are issued electronically, pdf, via SMS or email).
  8. We will place your removed wheels inside near the garage doors, please do not touch them for at least 48hrs, for your safety and to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

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